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50+ Recipes to Use Up the Leftover Pulp From Making Almond Milk

Making almond milk is so fun: it’s easy, it tastes way better than store-bought AND you are left with almond pulp after making it (if you strain it, which most people do).

PersonaIly, getting almond pulp is one of my favorite perks of homemade almond milk because there is so much you can do with it!

In case you’d like some inspiration, I’ve gathered an extensive list of recipes you can make with that leftover pulp.
From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between, I’m sure you’ll find more than a recipe here that appeals to you.

Why another roundup post with almond pulp recipes

Making almond milk with a nut milk bag

I have a very clear favorite recipe to use up almond pulp.

But still, it’s great to have a more vast recipe repertoire to choose from.

And from what I’ve found online, I’m not the only one: there are already very good roundup posts with almond pulp recipes!
In fact, I find them so nice that I’m also going to share the links to some of them:

However, although there are already these kind of good compilations, I wanted a longer list for myself, and more importantly, something that remains of a classified index, so I can find the recipes according to what type of dish I need at the moment.

And I also included 2 recipes for homemade cosmetic!

Before diving into the recipes, let me just point out that I haven’t tried many of these recipes yet, but I’ve carefully selected them from among many others because they are all recipes I want to try.

No bake almond pulp recipes


Smoothies with almond pulp

You might think: if I’m going to make a smoothie with almond milk AND almond pulp, why don’t skip the straining from the beginning?
Good point!
Definitely you may skip straining most kind of homemade vegan milk if you are using them only to make smoothies.
But here are some smoothie recipes that use both almond and almond pulp (but the amount of pulp is different than the amount that would be in the milk if you don’t strain it):

Smoothie bowl with almond pulp

Almond pulp balls

Almond pulp bliss balls

Pancakes with almond pulp


Almond pulp cheese recipes

If you have nutritional yeast, you can try any of these recipes to make creamy “cheese” (spread-like) with almond pulp:

Dips and sauces that use almond pulp


Almond butter from almond pulp

Can you make almond butter form almond pulp?
Almond butter is creamy, while almond pulp is quite dry (you’ve squeezed a good part of its oil when making milk!).
So, no wonder there are not so many recipes showing how to make almond butter from almond pulp.
My guess is, if you want to make almond butter from almond pulp, you could use a recipe to make almond butter from almond meal/flour, but adding more fat.

Baking & cooking with almond pulp


Cookie recipes with almond pulp

Muffins with almond pulp

Bread recipes that use almond pulp

Cakes recipes with almond pulp

Almond cake made with pulp remaining after making almond milk

Energy bars with almond pulp



Crackers made with almond pulp

Making crackers with almond pulp is probably on of the easiest and most popular savory recipe with leftover pulp.
Here are some recipes that appeal to me; while they are quite similar (they all use flaxseed instead of egg), each of these recipes offer slightly different nuances:

Pizza & co.


Recipes to make almond meal from almond pulp

Almond meal (almond in powdered form) is a very versatile ingredient and there are many recipes that use it.
Also, since the shelf like of almond meal is longer than that of almond pulp, turning the pulp into almond meal is very convenient if you want to save it for later use.
While it almond pulp doesn’t turn exactly the same as almond meal or almond flour (it’s drier), you can get something quite similar:

Homemade skincare

To end this list: did you know yo can also use your pulp to pamper your skin?
Here is a great idea to make a face mask and a body scrub using almond pulp:

Common questions about almond pulp

How long does almond pulp last?

In my experience, almond pulp will be good for 3-4 days in the fridge (in a closed container) or up to 3 months in the freeze.

Can I substitute almond meat or almond flour for almond pulp?

In most recipes, you can’t just substitute almond pulp for almond meat/flour (which also have differences between them).
This is because almond pulp is different than almond meat and almond flour: no matter how well you squeeze it, pulp will retain some moisture.
Also, nut pulp has much less fat because a good portion of it went to the milk.

However, you can make almond meal from almond pulp (or at least, something very similar, just with less oil).
All the recipes on this list work with almond pulp or almond meat made from almond pulp.

I hope this list inspires you to use your almond pulp in more creative ways.
Don’t forget to tell me your favorite one!

In case you also make other types of plant-based milk, you might find these recipes useful:

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! I love the idea of using almond pulp, and the cake turned out so delicious. It’s a brilliant way to reduce waste and create something tasty at the same time. I truly appreciate your creativity in coming up with such a delightful treat. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

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