Butterfly Pea Tea Jelly


1 Tbsp. Gelatin powder 3 Tbsp. Room temperature water 1 tsp. Butterfly pea tea 2 cups Fresh boiled water 1 tsp. Honey (Optional)


Combine the gelatin powder with 3 Tbsp. of room temperature water.

Bloom the gelatin


While the gelatin is hydrating, steep tea for 5 minutes in fresh boiled water.

Make butterfly flower tea


When the steep time is over, remove tea solids and add the gelatin while the tea is hot.

Dissolve gelatin


If desired, sweeten to taste. For purple jelly, add a drops of lemon juice.

Sweeten and/or add lemon 


Once it’s at room temperature, place in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Enjoy as is or cut into pieces.

Let set 

Feel free to use any acidic juice, such as lime or yuzu.

Look for ideas to enjoy this blue and purple jelly in next page.

Pro Tips


Use as topping for ice cream of yogurt

Enjoy with milk, milk tea or matcha latte

Drink with coconut water or soda