Iced Earl Grey  Milk Tea

Ingredients (1 serving)

1 teaspoon Earl Grey  - or 1 tea bag 1 tsp. Sugar (Optional) 1/3 Cup Water 2/3 Cup Ice Cubes 1/3 Cup Milk of Choice Optional - Cooked tapioca pearls


Steep earl grey tea in fresh boiled water for 2-4 Minutes. Then remove the tea solids.

Make concentrated tea


If you add the sweetener while the tea is still hot, it will dissolver very easily.

Sweeten if desired


Fill your glass with ice cubes and pour the tea over it.

Pour over ice 


Top with milk of choice and enjoy!

Add milk 

Pro tip 

Pro tip 

You can also cold brew your earl grey. Just let it steep for 6 hours or overnight in cold water in the fridge. Just take into consideration that when cold brewing the tea, you’ll need to sweeten with liquid sweetener (like syrup).