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How about we get some tea?
Trust me you’ll be glad that you did after sampling this list; they are all so good in their own special ways.

Japanese Tea

For a rich and aromatic cup of tea that will soothe your soul, check out these Japanese teas.
These are perfect when you want to relax while enjoying the simplicity of life.


For many, coffee and tea are the first drinks of choice.
However, for those who would rather not have caffeine, there are plenty of other delicious drinks that are completely caffeine-free.


Looking to lower your caffeine consumption? We got you covered!
Take a look at these naturally low-caffeine drinks.

Cold drinks

Prepare yourself for warmer days with these cold drink recipes.

Smoothies and shakes

No wonder smoothies and shakes are so popular: they’re delicious, easy to make, and a great way to nourish yourself.
Check out here for some inspiration to make easy smoothie and shakes recipes.

Hot drinks

Warm up with these delicious hot drinks!
If you’re looking for a warm, comforting drink, look no further than your own kitchen.
These healthy beverage recipes will have you feeling cozy in just seconds.

Milk drinks

Craving for a milky beverage that isn’t packed with added sugar?
Try these yummy milk-based drinks.
Most of them also work great with plant-based alternatives!

Probiotic drinks

Fermented drinks are a great way to get your daily dose of probiotics, which can help keep you healthy.
Here are some easy and tasty recipes for fermented milk or yoghurt that will have you feeling better from the inside out in no time: homemade probiotic drinks.

Non-alcoholic beverages around the world

Salty drinks

Savory drinks are not so common, but they can be delicious.
Here you’ll find some flavorful recipes to try homemade salty drinks.

Vegan drinks

Discover all our vegan beverages or drinks that are easy to switch to dairy-free with simple swaps at: vegan drink recipes.

Keto-friendly drinks

The best drinks if you have cut out carbs but still want something that will make your taste bud’s happy.
Never say “I can’t drink that to keep my diet on track” again with this list of keto-friendly drink recipes.

Tips to make and enjoy healthy drinks

Ever wonder how to take care of your tea-related equipment? Are you looking for kitchen hacks that will make low-sugar drinks quicker and easier in order to enjoy them more often?
Here are some easy tricks that will help you enjoy your favorite drinks even more.


And last but not least, here is some inspiration related to tea and other alcohol-free drinks, because there is always place for more spark and inspiration in life, no matter the subject!