The best tea recipes and alcohol-free drinks to make at home

Welcome to Dreamy Cup!
Here you’ll find tried-and-tested drink recipes to make tea, milkshakes, smoothies & co. that are:
  • Easy to make
  • As low-sugar and healthy as possible
  • (Often) caffeine-free or low caffeine

Happy Hours and Coffee Time are (probably) overrated:
let’s create Dreamy Cups instead!

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I’m Miyuki,

teatotaller and tea lover (but quite sensitive to caffeine).
I’m delighted to share with you my favorite drink recipes and other discoveries related to tea & co.!

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Do you want to know about a specific sort of tea?
This list has more than 70 TEAS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY so you know what to expect from them and how to prepare them.

Your sateasfaction is My Priority

Your delight during tea time (or any other beverage time) is at the heart of everything I write at Dreamy Cup.

Many of the drink recipes you’ll find here are not just experiments but regulars in my own daylight routine.
And each recipe undergoes rigorous testing – at least three times – before making its way to this space.

However, I understand that tastes vary and different ingredient brands can yield different results.
That’s why I’m here for you: feel free to ask any questions in the comments!