Homemade Vanilla Infused Honey

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Sweet, warm and with a hint of vanilla in every spoonful; the perfect non-alcoholic vanilla extract recipe

Homemade vanilla infused honey

Looking for a NATURAL way to add sweetness and vanilla aroma to your drinks and desserts?

Vanilla gives a very pleasant touch to many culinary creations, but many vanilla extracts are made of synthetic vanilla (which lacks many of vanillin’s advantages) and most are too processed.

Also, they are can be quite pricey if they have real vanilla.

This recipe shows you a very easy and cost effective recipe for homemade vanilla flavored honey made from real vanilla pods.
And the best part? No heating or alcohol involved!

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Reasons to make your own vanilla honey

Real vanilla beans

Are you a lover of anything vanilla?
Well, I am, and specially in the colder months, I get cravings for vanilla, vanilla and more VANILLA.

I could use a tablespoon vanilla extract with each cup of tea; if I don’t do it, it’s because it would be quite expensive with extracts that use real vanilla (plus, there’s too much refined sugar in most of commercial vanilla extracts).

Fortunately, making this dream of a vanilla bean honey is as simple as combining 2 ingredients and letting the mixture sit for a couple of days. 

Home infused vanilla honey may have a milder vanilla taste than vanilla essence (specially synthetic ones), but I promise, it’s perfect to give a comforting and cozy vibe to your beverages.

So, if you are looking for the strongest artificial vanilla taste, this recipe may not be for you, but if you are into natural vanilla flavor, this recipe is a must.
I am sure, after trying this, you won’t want to buy premade vanilla extract anymore!

Also, if you’re looking for a delicious and easy-to-make gift idea, this homemade vanilla flavored honey is just the thing.

What you’ll love about this recipe

Vanilla flowers

    Vanilla doesn’t just taste heavenly: its aroma is soothing, helps lessen depression and anxiety and enhances mood, making you feel feeling happier and more relaxed.
    Vanillin, a compound found in vanilla beans, may have antioxidantanti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It may also benefit brain health and gut microbiota.
    While there is still no evidence that these benefits apply eating vanilla in moderate amounts as part of your diet, using vanilla can help you reduce your sugar intake.
    Vanilla is, after saffron, the second most expensive spice in the world.
    That’s why some vanilla extract producers use synthetic vanillin, a chemical that doesn’t have the good stuff found in true vanilla.
    Even when the vanilla extract contains vanilla, it’s more processed as vanilla beans, having less perks.
    But when making your own vanilla flavored honey you can use the best ingredients, like pure, natural vanilla, at the best price.
    Infusing vanilla in honey, you get a cold-pressed vanilla extract without the need soaking vanilla beans in alcohol or glycerin.

Tips to make your own vanilla infused honey

Acacia honey

It’s very simple to infuse your honey with vanilla.
However, since you are making a delicacy, be sure to note 2 things that will help you enjoy the best results:

  1. If possible, use acacia honey (also known as locust honey):
    • The honey from the acacia flower has a very light color, almost transparent, making it very appealing to the eye for infusing vanilla in it.
    • It has a mild and rather neutral flavor, which allows the vanilla to stand out.
    • Conveniently, acacia honey rarely crystallizes, remaining liquid for much longer than other types of raw honey.
  2. Handle your honey properly:
    • To get the most out of its long-lasting qualities, store your honey in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dry place.
    • Keeping your honey in a dark area helps it keep its taste and texture better.
    • Wash and dry carefully your hands and any equipment you use (jar, knife and spoon) to keep your honey free of bacteria.

How to make vanilla infused honey

Be sure to check out the exact ingredient measurements in recipe card below

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to make your own vanilla infused honey

  1. Prepare vanilla bean

    Cut open a fresh vanilla bean (the lang pod) lengthwise.
    Scrap the vanilla caviar (seeds and pulp) with the back side of the knife.
    Place both scrapped pod and vanilla seeds in a clean and dry glass jar.Preparing vanilla bean to make vanilla honey

  2. Pour honey

    Cover the vanilla pod and pulp with acacia honey.Pouring acacia honey over open vanilla bean

  3. Infuse

    Cover with lid and store in a cool, dry and dark place.
    Let sit for at least week and it’s ready to use!
    Some of the little black seeds may float, but it’s fine.Homemade vanilla infused honey

What to do with the used vanilla pods

One of my favorite things about this homemade vanilla essence: you get to enjoy the vanilla pods even after using up the honey!

Once you’ve used all the honey, you may flavor milk or other drinks by pouring it in the “empty” glass (containing the remaining vanilla pods) and letting it in the fridge for 12-24 hours.
The liquid will have a delicious vanilla taste!
And you can repeat this up to 3 or 4 times.

Another option is to use the vanilla pods to flavor pudding or other recipes that need cooking milk or similar.

FAQs about vanilla flavored honey

How long is vanilla infused honey good?

Properly stored, vanilla infused honey is good for at least a year.
However, if moisture gets into your honey, it can get contaminated and ferment, so make sure to never get moisture into the honey.
You’ll know if your honey has fermented because it will smell and taste sour.

Can I simply add the vanilla to honey instead of pouring honey over the vanilla?

Yes, you could add a sliced vanilla bean over a honey filled glass as in the pictures below (that was the first time I made this honey).
But the vanilla seeds (the tiny black particles) rise to the surface, so you’ll need to stir them thoroughly to ensure that they come into touch with as much honey as possible.
I found this stirring somehow messy, so I find it easier to pour the honey over the vanilla beans. Adding vanilla to honey

Can I use other sorts of honey that aren’t Acacia honey?

Yes, you may also infuse with vanilla pods other types of honey that aren’t Acacia honey.
However, if the honey has a strong taste, it might mask the vanilla flavor.
Also, it might be difficult to mix the vanilla if you use a thick honey.

Ideas to use this fresh vanilla bean honey

Feel free to use this honey for anything that calls for honey or vanilla extract.
You can substitute a teaspoon vanilla extract for one of this vanilla infused honey.

Here are some drink recipes that taste amazing with this homemade vanilla honey:

Homemade vanilla infused honey
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Homemade vanilla honey recipe

An easy and delicious non alcoholic vanilla extract recipe
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Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:0 minutes
Resting time:7 days
Total Time:7 days


  • A glass jar with lid
  • knife



  • Place a vanilla bean flat side down and cut it lengthwise so you can open it and get to the inner pulp.
    Scrape carefully the seeds with a knife’s backside.
    Steps to cut vanilla bean open
  • Gather the scrapped pods and vanilla seeds in a clean and dry container.
    Cover with the honey.
    Pouring acacia honey over real vanilla
  • Put an airtight lid and (ideally) let sit for about a week before using.
    Keep in a dry and cool spot, better if dark.


After using the honey up, you can re-use the remaining vanilla pod to flavor drinks and desserts that use liquids, like pudding.


Calories: 21kcal
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: spices
Servings: 70 teaspoon
Calories: 21kcal

If you’re looking for a tasty and easy way to add vanilla flavor to your drinks but don’t want to use extracts that use artificial substances or preservatives, this vanilla infused honey is the perfect solution.

This recipe only takes two ingredients and is so simple it’s hard not to love! It may taste less intense than some of those synthetic flavoring options out there, but still packs plenty of flavor punch! I love using this in my tea, on top of pancakes and as an ingredient in homemade desserts.
Let me know what recipes you make with yours!

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