My Review of iteaworld’s Green Tea Selection

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My experience trying this selection of 6 different Chinese green teas

I usually drink Japanese green teas when in the mood for green tea, so I’m rather inexperienced when it comes to Chinese green tea.

Still, as I’ve only had great experiences with the iteaworld’s I’ve tried so far (oolong and black tea), I was thrilled as they offered to send me their green tea selection to try it in exchange of my honest review.

This post holds my impressions about the set (if you want a quick review, here is the spoiler: I loved it).

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While the container’s design doesn’t really affect the tea, I was blown away as I saw the package: it’s a very elegant box made of cardboard.

The design is simple yet every detail exudes the kind of classic elegance one links to green tea.
Opening it made me truly anticipate lots of joy!

And since it’s quite sturdy, I still use the box to hold tea sachets in it, although I’ve already drunk up almost all the green tea from this review.

So, in my opinion, the packaging makes this set great as a gift for green tea lovers.

The teas

Steeping longjing from iteaworld

The sampler includes six different green teas, packed into 20 small airtight sachets (each one containing 3g of loose leaf tea).

The featured teas are Longjing (aka Dragon Well), Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Enshi Jade Dew, Jasmine Green and Old Tree Green Tea.

All the teas consisted of very aesthetically pleasant whole tea leaves with a strong fresh aroma, as every tea I’ve tried from this brand.


This one, also known as “Dragon Well“, is one of 10 of the “Famous Teas” of China (中国名茶).

As most other Chinese green tea, Longjing is made by roasting the tea leaves after picking to stop the natural oxidation process that oolong and black teas undergo.

The iteaworld’s Longjing I’ve tried (spring tea from April 2023) has a mellow, naturally sweet-ish taste with nutty character.

I’m trying to deepen my tea practice by not judging a tea immediately but rather by savoring them mindfully.
But I couldn’t help it choosing this one as my absolute favorite from the sampler.
I’ve found myself craving it in several occasions since trying it!

Jasmine Green Tea

This is the only tea I had already had before from other brands, but I wasn’t expecting such finesse.

Jasmine tea has usually a green tea base, but sometimes it can also be with white tea or black tea.
The tea is scented through a time-consuming process that involves letting the tea absorbe the aroma of fresh harvested jasmin blossoms overnight, from 2-3 times up to 6-7 times (in the case of exceptionally high-end ones).

According to their website, iteaworld’s Jasmine green is scented 7 times.

This one I tried from iteaworld’s has a deliciously subtle jasmin scent that doesn’t feel overwhelming, matching perfectly with the smoothness of the base tea.

If I hadn’t read that this is a green tea, I would had thought it’s a white tea, because it tasted very mellow and delicate.
Also, those lovely, velvety hairy leaves and buds reminded me of white tea as well.

I’ve enjoyed this jasmine tea immensely, so I can understand why so many tea fellows from Instagram that have tried it as well consider it one of the best jasmine teas ever.

Bi Luo Chun (Pi Lo Chun)

According to Wikipedia, the name Biluochun means “green snail spring”, because this green tea is rolled into a tight spiral that may resemble a snail.

This biluochun from iteaworld comes from Western Dongting Mountain (where tea gardens have tea trees and fruit trees planted together) and was handcrafted by a master tea artisan with more than 30 years of experience.

My impression after tasting this biluochun is that its slightly vegetal character is very well balanced with its floral notes.
I could sense a slightly bitter taste paired with buttery mouthfeel that made this a very grounding tea.

Jade Dew (En Shi Yu Lu)

Jade Dew is the only green tea in the collection that isn’t pan fried, but steamed.

The steaming process brings out the tea mellowness and a prominently vegetal character, with slightly seaweed notes and a very light bitterness that makes jade dew very refreshing.

Huangshan Maofeng (Yellow Mountain)

For this steep I used one of the fillable teabags

According to Wikipedia, the name of this famous Chinese tea can be translated as “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak” due to the small white hairs that cover the leaves.
And also because the shape of the processed leaves may resemble the peak of a mountain.

This huangshan maofeng was grown in high-altitude wilderness, at an altitude above 800 meters, which contributes to its rich flavor.

I enjoyed the characteristic bitterness and lingering aftertaste I got from this huangshan maofeng.

Old Tree Green Tea

This old tree tea is made from an autumn harvest from Yunnan Bingdao’s century-old ancient tea trees from iTeaworld’s own tea gardens.

According to iteaworld’s website, using old trees makes the tea sweeter, and I can confirm that: the honey aroma of this one was incredibly strong!

Together with this honey aroma, there was a delicious freshness in the first steeps that evolved to a slight bitterness from the 3th one.


As with all teas I’ve tried from iteaworld, these 6 also stand wonderfully several steeps.

My preferred method was using a gaiwan.
Also, I found that for my taste, I preferred using a slightly lower water temperature than recommended.

The set includes some fillable tea bags that are biodegradable.
I love how fine they are, but in my opinion, the gorgeous tea from the sachets don’t have enough place in them, so I’ll use them for other teas.


I truly enjoyed this green tea set.
The individual wrapping is ideal to preserve the freshness of such fine green teas, and I really appreciate that it’s made from environmentally friendly materials.

Right now, these green are only sold as a part of the set, but although I found all 6 very good, I couldn’t help finding personal favorites that I’d gladly purchase in the future: Lonjing, Jasmine Green and Old Tree Tea.

If you want to try this green selection, you can purchase it at iteaworld ‘s website (I’m not an affiliate; I just love their teas and customer service).
They offer free shipping worldwide to purchases over 39,98$.

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