Alcohol-free beverage Holidays

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Commemorative days and holidays related to non-alcoholic drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks holidays

Non-alcoholic drinks are a great way to celebrate everyday life.
And whether it’s January or December, there are National and International holidays to honor alcohol-free beverages throughout the whole year!
I hope this list will serve you as a reminder for these fun non-alcoholic Holidays.

Where do national food holidays come from?

World days

“International Days” are designated either by the United Nations or by the UNESCO.

National Days

In the US, these special days come from one of these sources:

  1. Many National Days are made up by organizations or private companies as a way of curb interest and promote some products.
    For example, Hot Tea Month was already featured in the original edition of Chase’s Calendar of Events, an organization that merged its dates with U.S. Department of Commerce’s publication “Special Days, Weeks and Months” in 1959.
  2. Other times, a holiday was already around for some time, rooted in local traditions or history from a city, state, or county govern before it gets propagated.
  3. Only occasionally, National Days are created via presidential proclamation in the White House or Senate.
    Such resolutions are usually meant to be one-time deals, but some holidays gain so much popularity (like National Ice Cream day on July 17th, which was signed by President Ronald for 1984), that they become sort of official.
  4. Last but not least, some National Days are simply suggested by random people.
    There is an organization called National Day Calendar that reviews public submissions and when one of them gets approved by the selection committee, it gets added to the calendar.
    The National Day Calendar was created in 2013 and it launched with 1100 festivities, put together from different internet sources.
    Since then it has expanded in over 90 more from external submissions (the site receives about 18,000 submissions a year).
    To become a new National Day, the submission must be unanimously approved by a four-person-committee, which takes into consideration the relevance and potential for wide public popularity.
    The fees for inclusion cost between $2,300 and $4,000.

Alcohol-free beverage holidays

These are the best known holidays that are related to non-alcoholic drinks, ordered by month:


Woman holding hot tea cup

National Hot Tea Month (US)
Dry January (UK)

Second week – National Mocktail week

  • 11 January
    National Milk Day
  • 12 January
    National Hot Tea Day
  • 15 January
    National Booch (Kombucha) Day
    National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day (US)
  • 16 January
    National Rooibos Day (South Africa)
  • 18 January
    National Gourmet Coffee Day
  • 20 January
    National Coffee Break Day
  • 26 January
    National Green Juice Day
  • 31 January
    National Hot Chocolate Day


  • 6 February
    Matcha Day (Japan)
  • 11 February
    Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
  • 17 February
    National Cafe Au Lait Day


National Caffeine Awareness Month

  • 22 March
    World Water Day


National Alcohol Awareness Month

  • 2nd Friday
    Espresso italiano Day
  • 21 April
    National Tea Day (UK)
  • 30 April
    National Bubble Tea Day


  • 2 May
    Green Tea Day (Ryokucha no hi) (Japan)
  • 4 May
    National Orange Juice Day
  • 6 May
    National Beverage Day
  • 21 May
    International Tea Day


Iced lemon tea

National Iced Tea Month
National Dairy Month
National Dairy Alternative Month

  • 1 June
    World Milk Day
  • 10 June
    National Iced-Tea Day
  • 20 June
    National Vanilla Milkshake Day
    National Ice Cream Soda Day
  • 21 June
    National Smoothie Day


  • 11 July
    Free Slurpee Day
  • 26 July
    National Coffee Milkshake Day
  • 28 July
    National Refreshment Day


  • 21 August
    National Sweet Tea Day
  • 29 August
    National Lemon Juice Day


  • 12 September
    National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • 20 September
    National Punch Day
  • 21 September
    National Chai Day
  • 24 September
    World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
  • 27 September
    National Chocolate Milk Day
  • 29 September
    National Coffee Day
  • 30 September
    National Hot Mulled Cider Day


  • 1 October
    International Coffee Day
    Japanese Green Tea Day (Japan)*
  • 2 October
    World No Alcohol Day
  • 31 October
    Japanese Tea Day (Nihoncha No Hi) (Japan)


  • 8 November
    National Capuccino Day
  • 11 November
    Kaga-Bocha Day (Japan)
  • 23 November
    National Espresso Day
  • 23 November
    One Cup of Tea Day (Ocha ippai no hi) (Japan)


  • 13 December
    National Cocoa Day
  • 15 December
    International Tea Day


I hope this list of alcohol-free drink holidays has given you some excuses to enjoy your favorite beverages.
Let me know if you know about other holidays related with alcohol-free beverages: I’ll be happy to update my post accordingly!

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