Best Tea Blogs and Websites to follow in 2023

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27 great blogs about tea that will make you a tea enthusiast (even if you aren’t one)

Tea is a beverage that many people enjoy, whether it’s iced tea, hot tea, or any other form of tea you can think of, so, no wonder there so many websites out there to read about this fantastic drink!
If you’re looking for a GOOD blog to read about the world of tea, you are in the right place.
On this list you won’t find a bulk of random “100 tea blogs” but a selection of handpicked sites that spread tea happiness and will help you immerse in tea culture.
[since it’s difficult to choose a favorite, I’ve organized them in alphabetical order]

By Golly, Ollie

In By Golly, Ollie, Jacky shares musings about tea and her life as a busy mom who loves reading with a cup of tea in her hands.
If you want to watch tea reviews in casual videos rather than only reading them, you may like her Teatube channel.

Some highlights:
  • Nice mom-blog vibe
  • You’ll feel quite related if you are a tea/book lover with small children

Dreamy cup

While I may not be completely partial on this one (because it’s mine), I truly think you will find here useful tea ideas, specially if you look for low-caffeine and caffeine-free teas.

My Favorites

Hello tea cup

Hello tea cup is a beautiful site dedicated to Chinese culture and food.
Their tea section, linked to the Chinese tea store Teasenz, is remarkably extensive.

Check out:

Japanese green tea

The online tea shop Japanese green tea has an outstanding blog (named Japanese Green Tea and Health) that covers Japanese green tea from every imaginable angle.
Kei Nishida, the founder and CEO of Japanese Green Tea, does a fabulous job writing articles related to green tea and making entertaining videos for their YouTube channel.

my Recommendations:

Kimberly’s Kyusu

In the charming blog Kimberly’s Kyusu, you can read about the tea tastings of the author.
Most teas are Japanese, which goes well with the sites’ name, since Kyusu is the traditional Japanese ceramic teapot.

  • You can also follow her on Instagram; she spreads such a calming vibe, after watching her post and videos I ALWAYS feel inspired to drink tea really savoring it.

Life is better with tea

Life is better with tea is written by Mary Ann, an awarded tea expert, author and registered nurse.
In her website she teaches how to make tea, how to choose the best loose leaf tea, the health benefits of each tea type and how to enjoy them in different recipes.
I love how throughout and well researched her articles are.

My Japanese green tea

My Japanese green tea is the written by Ricardo, the first Colombian certified Japanese Tea Advisor and it’s purely dedicated to Japanese tea. It also has a podcast.

useful resources:

My tea vault

In My tea vault, Lisa shares lots of advice about tea and tea gear.
The clean design makes it easy to navigate through the site, that also a has an own section for kombucha.

Oh, how civilized

The gorgeous site Oh, how civilized shares mouth-watering recipes and tea know-how from Jee, a certified tea sommelier.
You’ll also find guidance on afternoon tea and tea parlors in NYC.
Jee also has another site for coffee lovers.

Don’t miss:
  • As a self proclaimed iced tea master, Jee has lots of cool iced tea recipes
  • You’ll also find lots of Starbucks copycat recipes
  • She has an eye-catching photography style (specially the drinks taken while pouring milk look amazing).

Oolong owl

The Oolong Owl documents considerable data about different tea brands and the tea ware Char tries.

What impressed Me the most:

Sencha tea bar

Sencha Tea Bar is an online store that sells tea, but they also have a blog with a huge amount of information about tea, such as recipes, how to use different types of tea and their properties.

Hot tip

Steeped dreams

Steeped Dreams is a neat site that describes itself as “a simple tea blog for the casual, modern tea drinker”.
Writer Raquel shares her tea reviews, steeping tips and also introduces smaller online tea companies as well as local tea shops around Phoenix.

My Favorite articles:

T Ching

T Ching, around since 2006 (which is probably almost like dinosaur age in internet years), is an informative site that covers a wide range of topics about tea in more than 3500 articles from different tea experts.

Where to start
  • They have a great index that helps browse through all the fields they cover

Tea and Herbal Association Canada

Tea and Herbal Association Canada is an organization that provides official tea sommelier certification.
In its blog, they share recipes, facts and trustworthy information about tea and its properties.
The site can be viewed in 10 different languages, such as French, Spanish, German and Chinese among others.

My Top picks

Tea Cachai

Tea Cachai is the all-around blog of Daniela, a certified T.H.A.C Tea Sommelier, who publishes articles about tea, tea tests and recipes.

  • You can also enjoy appealing tea pictures on the Instagram account of this self proclaimed tea latte master

Tea deviant

Tea deviant is the different approach to tea of Cassandra, a (in her words) “lover of dark tales” musician and performer, who shares videos about her experiences with tea in its many facets, from drinking it to events around it.

Examples of things you’ll find:

Tea end.

Do you agree that tea is a dream match to books and Instagram-worthy flatlay pictures?
Whenever you feel like indulging your sight in bright, good-mood tea cups, Tea end. is the site to stop by.
While it also has some lifestyle posts that aren’t strictly related to tea, most content (blog posts, IG account and YouTube channel) is about tea, specially reviewing different brands and blends.

Tea Epicure

Tea Epicure, previously known as the blog of American Specialty Tea Alliance or as World of tea, is a resourceful site that educates about the history of tea in different regions, how they are processed before it comes to your kitchen cabinet and other in deep details.

Tea foodie

Tea foodie is an original cooking site where almost every recipe uses tea as one of the main ingredients.

Recommended bookmark

Tea happiness

Tea happiness is written by Sara, a certified tea sommelier with an impressive career in the tea business: working as well as a consultant for in-store tea events as teaching school-aged children about tea.
On this blog you’ll be able to learn regarding tea explained in an easy-to-understand way.

Tea for me please

In Tea for me please, Winner of the 2018 World Tea Award for Best Tea Blog, Nicole writes about how to enjoy tea and shares original recipes.
You’ll also find suggestions about places to get tea in NYC.

my Favorite article:

Tea in spoons

Tea in spoons documents the loose leaf tea sorts that Connie tries.

What we love about this Blog:
  • Refreshingly plain, easy-to-navigate structure and easy-to-follow rating scale

The tea cup of life

In the award winning blog The tea cup of life, writer Lu Ann shares her love for drinking tea through tea recipes and by talking about everything (really EVERYTHING) related to this brew.
The crisp design of the site and Lu Ann’s likeable writing style makes The Tea cup of life very inviting.

some picks for you

Tea pro

Tea Pro, a UK based online tea store, publishes fun and useful stuff about tea in its blog, the universitea section.

The tea squirrel

Tea squirrel is an elegant blog that documents the love for everything tea related of tea blogger Anna, including her opinions about teas and recommendations about equipment and food pairings.

Thirsty for tea

Looking for crafts related to tea?
This gorgeous site may be the best place to start.
It seems that Thirsty for tea posted for the last time in 2018, but its tea-themed DIY projects, recipes that use tea and food recipes that pairs well with tea make it worth a visit.

Why every tea aficionado will love this site

Thanks for staying until the end!
I hope this list of tea blogs helps you enjoy your tea time even more.
Do you have a favorite tea site?

Your go-to guide for

Do you want to know how to prepare a specific type of tea? Try looking for it in this list (it has more than 70 sorts of tea!)

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