Ginger Tea Latte

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Did you know ginger tea goes great with milk?
Here I share with you my favorite recipe to make a creamy ginger tea latte.

How this ginger milk tea recipe came to be

I don’t “love” the taste of ginger.

Specially, I never understood why people like that gingery spiciness.

But ever since I moved to a country with cold and long winters, I’ve learned to appreciate the warming sensation that ginger provides.

Growing up I only knew ginger tea with lemon and honey, so I never had the feeling that ginger could go with milk.
But then one night I prepared ginger tea, only to realize I was actually in the mood for some tea latte…
So I carefully added a splash of milk to the ginger tea and to my surprise, it tasted great!

The creamy texture of the milk blends perfectly with the spicy ginger, creating a unique and comforting flavor.
Adding milk to ginger tea makes it milder, resulting in a naturally sweeter taste. For an even more satisfying experience, you can add some sweetener to the tea.
I love to use honey in this recipe: I feel its earthy taste enhances the comforting qualities of this tea and it gives me that warm and cozy feeling, like I’m wrapped in a blanket.

Reasons to try ginger tea latte

  • TASTES GOOOD – Ginger tea latte is a spicy yet sweet, intriguing twist on the traditional latte.
  • HEALTHY – Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties, it’s great for aiding digestions and can even help to reduce nausea.
  • CAFFEINE-FREE – This is a great perk if you’re looking for something to warm you up in the evening.
  • EASY TO MAKE – This ginger tea doesn’t necessarily involve any simmering (you can prepare it by simmering, but can use other options: I’ll show you some variations on how to prepare this, so you can choose whatever suits you best)

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What you’ll need

  • Ginger (fresh or dried)
  • Water
  • Milk
  • (Optionally) Honey or sweetener of choice

Ingredient swaps


Feel free to use fresh ginger or dried ginger pieces.

I prefer using ginger in pieces or grated (wether fresh or dried) so I can strain it before drinking.
But if you don’t mind having some sediments at the bottom, you may also use ginger powder.


I like my ginger tea latte creamy, so my favorite choice for this recipe is full fat dairy milk. But you may choose your preferred milk type.


Time needed: 10 minutes

How to make ginger tea latte

  1. Make ginger tea

    If using fresh ginger: wash the piece you will use, peel it and grate it.
    Steep the grated fresh ginger or the dried ginger with freshly boiled water for 5 minutes.Grating and steeping ginger tea

  2. Pour into mug

    Strain the ginger teaStraining ginger herbal tea

  3. Make it a latte

    Add milk and sweetener to taste.
    Use steamed milk if you want some froth on the top.Adding milk to ginger tea

Tricks and variations

Peeling ginger with a spoon
  • The easiest way to peel ginger root is with a spoon.
  • Instead of steeping your ginger tea, you can also prepare it by simmering it.
    In this case, you won’t need to peel nor grate the fresh ginger: just cut it in slices and bring to a boil in water.
    Let then simmer for around 5 minutes.
Does ginger tea latte contain caffeine?

No, this ginger tea is caffeine-free: it’s a herbal tea made with ginger root, but it doesn’t contain real tea.
That said, ginger has stimulating properties that may keep some people awake (I personally can have ginger before going to sleep, and I am very sensitive to caffeine).

Does ginger curdle milk?

It depends: if you add cold milk to ginger, the milk may curdle.
But when you prepare a hot ginger tea and then add a splash of milk, it won’t curdle.
At least, it hasn’t happened to me yet, even when I add cold milk to the hot tea (I usually use about 1/3 cup of milk for 2/3 cup of ginger tea).
However, if you want to be sure your ginger latte doesn’t curdle, warming your milk may help (and anyway, if you want to froth your milk, it’s better to heat it a little).

Homemade ginger tea latte
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Ginger Tea Latte Recipe

Easy recipe to make a comforting caffeine-free and warming latte
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Prep Time:10 minutes



  • 2 Inches Ginger Root around 15 gr. – feel free to use more or less according to your taste
  • 1⅓ Cups Water
  • Cup Milk of choice
  • 2 tsp. Honey Adapt to taste


  • Steep the ginger* in fresh boiled water for around 5 minutes.
    *If using fresh ginger, wash the piece you are using, peel it and grate.
    If you prefer simmering your tea (you won’t need to peel and grate it), cut it in thin slices and bring to a boil in water. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes.
    Grating and steeping ginger tea
  • Strain ginger tea
    Straining ginger herbal tea
  • Add milk (froth it before if you want it foamy) and sweetener to taste.
    If you want, top with some cinnamon powder.
    Adding milk to ginger tea


Calories: 70kcal
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2 Cups
Calories: 70kcal

And that’s how you make your own comforting ginger tea latte!
I hope you enjoy this comforting drink when you’re looking for something tasty yet good for your body at the same time.
If you are in the mood for more warming drinks, check here for more recipes to make comforting drinks at home.

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