Ronnefeldt Strawberry Cheesecake Tea Review

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My opinion about this fruit tea from the brand Ronnefeldt after tasting it

Honest Ronnefeldt’s Strawberry Cheesecake review

Last weekend I went to the Ronnefeldt tea store in Frankfurt for the first time.
Being precise, it was actually my first time ever in a Ronnefeldt tea store and I was so impressed with the variety of teas they offer, I really had a hard time choosing just one!

But since I was very sure what type of blend I was looking for (something sweet and with strawberry as a gift for a friend), I went for the “Strawberry Cheesecake” Tea.

One thing I loved in the tea store is that they display samples from most tea blends, so I was free to see how they looked and smell them.

Many had very tempting names, but I didn’t like how they smelled at all, so it’s great that I was able to smell the teas before buying them.

As for Strawberry Cheesecake tea blend, it had a delicious smell and I look so tempting, with even some real strawberry pieces inside.

But I know it isn’t always possible to smell a tea before buying it.
And also, you can’t always judge a tea only by the smell… so I decided to write this review in case you are curious about this tea blend.

I have purchased this tea on my own, and I am reviewing it on my initiative.


Ronnefeldt’s Strawberry Cheesecake Tea is a tea blend that comes in loose form.

In German they call it “Erdbeerwölkchen”, which can be translated as “Strawberry cloud”, and the name goes very well with the aroma.

According to the package, Strawberry Cheesecake is a mix of:

  • dried apple pieces
  • hibiscus
  • rose hip peel
  • sweet blackberry leaves
  • aromas
  • strawberry pieces

It’s quite easy to recognize most ingredients just by sight and the overall look is quite fancy.


In my opinion, this blend smells really enticing if you are looking for something sweet.
I could perceive the strawberry notes and also caramel-like aromas.

I’d say that the smell reminds me of strawberry marshmallows or some other sweet that pairs strawberry and cream.


I followed package’s recommendation and steeped this herbal tea blend in freshly boiled water for 10 minutes.

Also following package’s recommendations, I used a big strainer insert in a pot instead of a small tea ball, so the tea had room to unfurl.

The liquor has a very intense red-magenta color, like the one you get when making simple hibiscus tea.

I haven’t tried cold-brewing this tea, but once steeped, it also tastes good cooled down.
I gave the cooled tea (without sweetening) to my sons and they thought it was some sort of juice: the oldest one (aged 6) loved the taste; the youngest one (4) didn’t like that it was sour.


Strawberry cloud from Ronnefeldt tastes fruity and has a mild tartness: like the taste you expect from hibiscus, but much milder (I guess because of the dried fruits and aromas).
It feels buttery on the mouth and sometimes I could also appreciate a slightly herbal aftertaste, probably from the sweet blackberry leaves.

In my opinion, the blend gets better with some sweetener (I added honey).

Second steep

The second steep needed 10 to 15 minutes to get some color, and still then, it doesn’t get that intense red anymore.
The taste and aroma are also much gentler, but the liquor was still agreeable, like fruit infused water.

Other questions

Can I add milk to this blend?

Sadly, I don’t recommend it.
I say “sadly” because this is one of those tea blends that smells and taste as if it would go great with cream.
But then, because it contains hibiscus, it curls when adding dairy milk (I haven’t tried vegan milk).
Interestingly, the first time I made this tea, I added a splash of milk and it didn’t curl. The taste got a little bit more mellow and the color went from vivid magenta to a greyish purple.
But as I added milk the next day, it curdled. I don’t know if it was because I was using a different brand of milk (both full fat dairy), but to avoid the curdling, I suggest leaving the dairy out.Ronnefeldt Strawberry cheesecake tea with milk

Does it contain caffeine?

No, Strawberry Cheesecake tea blend from Ronnefeldt is a herbal tea made from dried fruits and it doesn’t contain real tea, so it’s naturally caffeine-free.

My conclusion

Ronnefeldt’s Strawberry Cheesecake Tea is a nice blend when you’re in the mood for something fruity and sweet.

This tea blend might not be my favorite, but that’s because I’m not the biggest fan of fruit tea nor scented tea.
Still, I enjoyed the tea blend overall.
Despite not being able to add dairy milk, it has an agreeable creamy aroma and it’s both tasty served hot or cold.

Adding some sweetener makes it even more enjoyable and because it’s caffeine free, is suitable for any time of day and also for kids.
And because the tea blend smells amazing, I think it could be a good idea for a gift (for someone who likes sweet tea).

Do you enjoy trying different tea blends?
There are so many available, but it’s also very fun to make your own. If you’d like to assemble your own tea blends, here are some ideas to begin
making tea blends at home.

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