Delicious Hojicha Dessert Recipes

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10 recipe ideas to use roasted tea in your desserts

Hojicha tiramisu

Have you tried incorporating hojicha, Japanese roasted green tea, into your sweet treats?
If not, you’re missing out on a whole new world of flavors and aroma!
Hojicha’s nutty and smoky notes make it a perfect ingredient to elevate desserts to a whole new level.
In this blog post, I’ll share with you some amazing hojicha dessert recipes that you can easily make at home.
From hojicha-flavored ice cream to fragrant hojicha tiramisu, these desserts are sure to impress you and everyone that tries them.
So, let’s get ready to indulge in the wonderful world of hojicha desserts!

Hojicha powder vs. hojicha tea leaves

Hojicha tea leaves and hojicha in powder form

Hojicha is roasted green tea and you can find it in two forms: as whole leaf tea or as a powder.

Hojicha means “roasted tea” and as the name suggest, it’s Japanese green tea that has been roasted.

Traditionally it’s roasted in a small clay teapot called houroku, but you can also roast your own hojicha in a regular pan.

Roasting your own hojicha is super easy and also convenient, since it’s a great way to use up expired or stale tea.
Not to mention, roasting tea leaves your kitchen smelling amazing!

Here you can see my step-to-step guide on how to roast your own hojicha.

Hojicha in powdered form has been gaining lots of popularity lately.
Powdered hojicha is a fine tea powder similar to matcha, but with a brownish color.

I thought I could grind hojicha powder myself, but it turns out that grinding tea into a fine powder requires a special stone grinder or similar equipment.
Therefore, you won’t be able to grind hojicha powder at home; you’ll get a rather coarse tea powder instead, as you can see from my failed experiment to make hojicha powder with a regular blender.

Most of the recipes I found online for sweets with hojicha use hojicha powder, but don’t worry if you don’t have any.
I’ve also gathered some recipes that use hojicha leaves, just in case you want to give hojicha a try without buying hojicha powder!

Recipes that use hojicha powder

Hojicha Cookies


Cookies are already a source of comfort, but have you ever tried hojicha cookies? They are even more comforting! offers a ton of awesome hojicha recipes, including these examples of hojicha cookies:


Hojicha Ice Cream

By Sift and Simmer

What I love about this recipe is that you don’t need to make custard on the stovetop or use eggs.
Plus, you’ll be able to make it even if you don’t have an ice cream machine.

Recipe: No-churn Hojicha Ice Cream

Hojicha Roll Cake

By Matcha Oishii & kait.chen

Roll cakes are amazing: they’re so fluffy, creamy, and beautiful.
And adding hojicha to the mix makes it even better!
This recipe is quite straightforward for a roll cake, and you can also use some mango to add some color and fruity accents (as in the IG recipe).

Recipe: Hojicha Roll Cake

Hojicha Nama Chocolate

By Obubu Tea Farm

Nama chocolate is a beloved type of chocolate in Japan that is soft and creamy.
It’s made with chocolate and cream, which make for a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich, indulgent flavor.
Nama chocolate is popular as a luxury treat or as a gift.
This version adds hojicha for new depths of flavor.

Tip: While this recipe uses milk chocolate, you can also make it with white chocolate.

Recipe: Hojicha Nama Chocolate

Hojicha Mochi Muffins

By Yunomi Tea

This gluten-free, baking powder free and one bowl recipe makes muffins with a texture that will delight mochi fans.

Recipe: Hojicha Mochi Muffins

Hojicha Baked Oatmeal

By Matcha Oishii

Looking for a simple an healthy recipe to bake with hojicha? This is it!
This recipe incorporates the sweetness of banana and the filling texture of oatmeal.
Plus, it’s easy to make it vegan by using a flaxseed “egg”.

Recipe: Hojicha Baked Oatmeal

Hojicha Tiramisu

By Soft and Simmer

I haven’t tried many of the recipes I’m presenting to you here. (I’m making this list so I have them gathered for when I am ready to try them.) However, I have tried this one, and I can vouch for it. It’s so easy to make!
You’ll only need heavy cream, cream cheese, finger biscuits and hojicha (no eggs needed).

Recipe: Hojicha Tiramisu

Hojicha Bread

By Peaceful Cuisine

This 5-minute video not only features a simple recipe for making delicious hojicha bread with basic ingredients, but also has a very calming and feel-good vibe:

Recipes with hojicha tea leaves

While you can adapt many recipes that use hojicha tea powder by steeping hojicha tea leaves in the liquid the recipe calls for, I’ve also gathered some recipes that use hojicha tea leaves from the beginning to make things easier for you.

Hojicha Chiffon Cake

By Chopstick Chronicles

Chiffon cakes are very fluffy, tall sponge cakes that are very popular in Japan for its delicate texture.
This version includes hojicha and it was a very flavorful way to get rid of my not so-finely-ground hojicha leaves.

Recipe: Japanese chiffon cake – hojicha flavor

Hojicha Pudding

By Miki’s Kitchen

In his 8-minute video, you can learn how to make the most popular pudding in Japan, called “purin,” with caramel.
This recipe adds a luscious twist by incorporating hojicha.

Hojicha Drink Recipes

If you want to try making some hojicha drinks, here are some additional easy recipes:

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