Homemade Oreo Milk Tea

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How to make a delicious Oreo milk tea at home: super easy recipe with just 5 ingredients.

If you like the taste of Oreo, you’re going to LOVE this easy Oreo milk tea recipe.
Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be enjoying a delicious glass of Oreo milk tea in no time! (and probably with less calories than store-bought milk tea).

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What is Oreo milk tea?

Oreo milk tea, also known as Oreo bubble tea, is a milky beverage with a tea base, usually black.

It tastes like an Oreo milkshake but with the texture of a milk tea.

Since Oreo milk tea is a popular flavor in boba tea shops and chains like Gong Cha, Kung Fu Tea, Infinitea or Sharetea, it usually has tapioca pearls in it.
But of course, when you make your milk tea at home, you can customize it to your liking.

Why try this recipe

  • EASY – making Oreo milk tea at home it’s incredible simple: you don’t need any special equipment. In fact you don’t even need to crush the Oreo cookies!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – as with any drink you make at home, you may choose the level of sweetness or creaminess you want and the tea you prefer.
    You will be also able to make it vegan or even keto-friendly (more about this under ”Variations”).
  • INEXPENSIVE – a regular 16 oz cup of Oreo milk tea from a boba tea shop may cost between 4-7$. Making it at home will only cost you a fraction of that. Plus, it will save you the wait in line!

What do you need to make Oreo milk tea

To make this delicious beverage you will only need:

  • Black tea (optional)
  • Sugar or sweetener (optional)
  • Milk
  • Oreo cookies
  • Tapioca pearls (optional)

Bellow more details about each one and possible swaps

  • TEA
    The most common type of tea used to make boba is black tea, but you can also use green tea or oolong tea.
    Since boba drinks have milk and sweetener, it’s better to use a robust tea instead of the most delicate one (like green tea).
    This also means it’s totally okay to use tea bags or to choose tea types that don’t taste so mellow when drunk plain.
    However, if you want to skip the tea for whatever reason, you can. When making Oreo milk tea without tea, I recommend using less sweetener.
  • MILK
    I like using whole milk to make Oreo milk tea because it makes the drink more creamy and gives it a richer taste. But you can use any type of milk you want or use dairy-free alternatives like almond milk, cashew milk or oat milk.
    These cookies don’t need further introduction, do they? You can use the original Oreos or a store brand (no need for the double stuffed ones).
    Some people prefer to remove the cream layer; others are okay using the whole cookie.
    Also known as boba, these are small balls made out of tapioca starch. You can make them your own or buy them in any Asian grocery store or online.
    I use quick cooking tapioca.
    If you don’t want to add tapioca pearls to your milk tea, you can skip this ingredient.


  • Vegan Oreo milk tea – since Oreos are vegan, it couldn’t be simpler to make a vegan version of this beverage: just use a plant-based milk and you are done.
  • For a kid-friendly version – if you want to make this beverage for kids, you can skip the tea and maybe also leave out the tapioca pearls.
  • Make a decaf version – use decaffeinated tea to make a decaf Oreo milk tea. You can also experiment with herbal teas like rooibos or fruit teas (I haven’t tried this one yet).
  • Turn it keto – boba milk tea are known for being everything but keto-friendly. But if you want to enjoy an Oreo milk tea while still sticking to your keto diet, we’ve got you covered! You can definitely make a keto Oreo milk tea: use a keto friendly milk (like for example almond milk), choose sugar-free sweeteners like swerve, skip the boba pearls and finally, use keto Oreo cookies (you can also use homemade keto oreos).
  • How to make gluten-free Oreo milk tea – in some countries there are gluten free oreos. The tapioca balls are usually gluten free, since tapioca starch comes from the cassava root, a vegetable.

Step-by-step instructions

Making this delicious beverage is actually incredibly easy: you just need to brew the tea, add the rest of the ingredients and enjoy!

Be sure to check the exact measurements in the recipe card bellow

How to make Oreo milk tea

  1. Brew the tea

    Steep a tea bag for about three minutes in freshly boiled water.
    If you are using loose leaf tea, use about one teaspoon and let it steep for four minutes.
    When the steeping time is up, remove the tea bag or strain the tea and set the tea aside to let it cool down completely.
    You may optionally sweeten the tea if desired.
    Black tea to make Oreo milk tea

  2. Prepare the tapioca pearls

    Cook boba according to package instructions.
    When using quick cooking pearls, this usually means adding the tapioca to boiling water and letting it cook for about three minutes or until they float to the surface.
    Drain and rinse.
    Add some simple syrup (or agave syrup or honey) to sweeten them and to prevent them to sticking to each other.
    Cooked black boba pearls

  3. Soften the Oreos

    Simply put the cookies in the milk and wait a couple of minutes, until the cookies are dissolved.
    You may remove the cream layer or not; it’s just a preference thing and both options are delicious.
    Removing the cream makes the process of dissolving much faster; when using the whole cookie, you may need slightly more time and to give the mixture a little stir to dissolve the cream better.
    If you prefer a smoother texture, it’s better to remove the cream; on the other side, leaving the cream makes the drink sweeter (so you may need less sweetener or skip it altogether) and creamier.Softening Oreos in milk

  4. Assemble

    Once the tea is cooled down and the cookies are dissolved, it’s time to assemble everything.
    Put tapioca pearls (optional) on a glass, follow with the tea and finish with the Oreo milk.
    You may top your Oreo milk tea with whipped cream, cheese foam and/or crushed Oreos if desired.
    How to assemble Oreo milk tea drink


  • The Oreo particles will sink, so you’ll have to stir from time to time.
    After some experimenting, the only way I‘ve got the Oreo to remain suspended was by blending some ice cream in and therefore turning this milk tea into a milkshake. Blending ice cubes, like when you make a frappe should also work.
  • It’s recommended to cover your cooked tapioca pearls with some syrup so they don’t get sticky. You may use simple syrup or any other kind of syrup, like dates syrup or agave syrup. Honey is also a great options.
  • If you want to decorate with crushed Oreos on top, sprinkle them either over whipped cream or cheese foam to avoid the topping crumbles sinking.
  • If you use boba (tapioca balls) and want to drink your tea with a straw, you will need a wide straw.


Is there caffeine in Oreo milk tea?

Yes, Oreo milk tea usually has black tea in it, so it will contain caffeine.
Oreo milk tea made with green tea or oolong also has some caffeine.
If you want a decaffeinated version, you may use rooibos tea or decaf tea instead of regular tea. Using hojicha tea is also a way to reduce the caffeine content of milk tea.

Can I make Oreo milk tea without tapioca pearls?

Yes, you can make any kind of milk tea without tapicoa pearls. Boba pearls are often added for a chewy texture and you may leave them out if you want or can’t have tapioca.
You may also switch the tapioca balls for mashed fruit, popping boba or jelly cubes.

Can I make Oreo milk tea with matcha?

Yes, you can switch black tea for matcha and it’s also delicious. Just be aware that when the ingredients mix, the drink won’t have that vibrant green color of matcha we all love (the picture below was made with matcha):
Matcha Oreo milk tea

How many calories does Oreo milk tea have?

A 16 oz cup of Oreo bubble tea made with whole milk and boba (without cream on top) has at least around 300 calories (our recipe is quite low in sugar).
So, oreo milk tea is a pretty calorie-dense drink.
If you want to cut some calories, you may choose a plant-based milk or low fat milk and reduce the amount of added sugar (or switch it for sugar-free sweetener).

Can you make Oreo milk tea ahead of time?

Oreo milk tea tastes better when fresh, but you may make all the components ahead of time and store them in the fridge. Simply assemble when ready to serve.

Is Oreo milk tea healthy?

Unfortunately, Oreo milk tea is high in calories and sugar, so it’s not specially healthy.
It is however possible to make some healthier choices when making this recipe, such as using skim milk or plant-based milk and less sugar (or a sugar-free sweetener).
Adding fresh fruit or reducing the amount of tapioca pearls will also cut down on calories.

Oreo milk tea recipe
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Oreo milk tea recipe

An easy recipe to make Oreo milk tea at home
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Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:5 minutes
Time to cool the tea:2 hours
Total Time:2 hours 10 minutes


Strong tea

  • 1-2 tea bags black tea alternatives: green tea, oolong tea
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 teaspoon sugar (optional)

Boba (optional)

Oreo milk


  • Steep the tea in freshly boiled water for around 4 minutes.
    Remove the tea bags or strain tea leaves.
    Sweeten if desired (if you are using simple syrup for the boba, you may skip the sweetener for the tea).
    Let aside to cool down.
    Black tea to make Oreo milk tea
  • When the tea is almost cooled down, you can go on preparing the boba and the oreos.
    Cook the tapioca pearls following package instructions.
    Once cooked, pour some syrup over then to prevent them from sticking together.
    Cooked black boba pearls
  • Put the Oreos in the milk and let them dissolve. It just takes 5 minutes (less if you remove the cream layer).
    Softening Oreos in milk
  • Assemble right before serving: put the boba in a glass, followed by the tea and Oreo milk.
    Garnish** if desired.
    How to assemble Oreo milk tea drink


* You may use the whole cookies or remove the cream layer:
  • If you don’t use the cream, you may optionally want to use up to 4 cookies. 
  • When using the cream, you may want to reduce the sugar, for example by leaving the sugar in the tea out or by reducing the simple syrup from the boba.
** TOPPING: optionally serve with some whipped cream or cheese foam and crushed Oreo at the top.


Calories: 300kcal
Course: Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: black tea, boba tea, milk tea, oreo
Servings: 1 Serving
Calories: 300kcal

And that’s it!
This recipe is perfect if you want to enjoy a delicious boba tea without leaving home. Homemade Oreo milk tea is really easy to make and it tastes amazing!

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    I find Oreo cookies much tastier as a part of desserts than that just eating them, so this tea looks great.
    Thank you very much for your tips on cutting some calories!

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