Fresh Parsley Tea (That Tastes Good!)

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Learn how to make parsley tea, with tricks to make this healthy infusion taste enjoyable

Fresh Parsley tea

Parsley adds a fresh and enjoyable herbal aroma to any dish.
And it turns out, parsley plants are incredibly easy to grow!

So chances are, you have some in your garden.
If you wonder what to do with fresh parsley, I’d like to suggest trying to make tea with it!

Fresh parsley tea has a refreshing and invigorating taste, it’s caffeine-free and provides vitamin C and antioxidants.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make parsley tea and, more importantly, tricks to make it taste better!

How to Make Parsley Tea with Fresh Parsley

You can make parsley tea following two different methods:

  1. boiling fresh parsley in water
  2. steeping the parsley in hot water

If you want to get more of your parsley leaves, it’s best to cook the parsley in boiling water; it will give you a more intense taste.
So, this is also a good option if you have a little amount of parsley.

But if you just want a regular cup of tea, it’s enough to steep the parsley in hot water.
I usually steep parsley in fresh boiled water, so this is the recipe I’ll be sharing today.

How to Make Fresh Parsley Tea: step-by-step

What you’ll need

  • Fresh parsley
  • Water
  • Some drops of lemon juice
  • Honey or maple syrup

Some notes about the ingredients

Fresh parsley from home garden to make parsley infusion

You can make parsley tea with any type of common parsley.

For the pictures in this post I’m using my garden parsley, which is flat-leave parsley (aka Italian parsley).
However, the same steps apply when using curly parsley (aka French parsley).

Feel free to experiment with the type of parsley available to you!

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Lemon juice

Adding a few drops of lemon juice to your parsley tea is entirely optional, but it does wonders for enhancing the flavor of the infusion.

Not only that, but the lemon also brightens up the parsley tea’s light green hue, making it a lovely sight!


Sweetening your parsley water is also optional, but adding honey, sugar, or maple syrup rounds out the tea’s flavor and make it more enjoyable.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Make Fresh Parsley Tea

  1. Prepare the parsley

    Wash your parsley thoroughly.
    You can chop the parsley or leave the stem with the whole parsley leaves.
    Place the parsley in a mug or in a teapot.Chopped parsley leaves to make parsley tea

  2. Steep

    Pour boiling water over the parsley.
    Let steep for around 5-10 minutes.Steeping parsley in hot water

  3. Enjoy

    Remove the parsley.
    If desired, add some lemon juice and/or sweeten to taste.Fresh Parsley tea

Pro Tip

  • I personally find it more convenient to steep a whole parsley stem with its leaves as they are because you can easily remove the whole stem before drinking.
    If you choose to chop the leaves, you’ll need a mesh strainer or something similar to strain the parsley chopped leaves after steeping.
Herbal tea made with garden parsley

How to Make Parsley Tea Taste Good

This might sound too obvious, but parsley tea has the taste of parsley.

This means the parsley infusion has a herbal tea taste that can remind more of a vegetable soup than a cup of tea to drink at teatime.

My husband, for example, used to say that parsley tea tastes “too healthy” to drink it for pleasure…

Luckily, adding some drops of lemon juice and sweetening makes the tea taste much better.
Give it a try!

How to Make Parsley Tea with Dried Parsley

You can also make tea with dried parsley leaves instead of the fresh plant.

Just be aware that the color of the boiled parsley water and the taste will be different: the color will be more brown/yellowish than greenish.

And the tea soup will be less vegetal and more bitter.

You’ll need around 1 teaspoon of dried parsley leaves per cup.

Since dried parsley is usually in small pieces, I recommend putting them in a fillable tea bag or a tea infuser.
If you don’t have either, you can always strain the tea after steeping.

Parsley Flower Tea

Parsley is a breeze to grow, even for someone like me with limited gardening experience.
And to my surprise, parsley plants even produce flowers!

The first time our parsley flowered, our balcony was practically taken over by parsley the following year.

So, the next time our parsley bloomed, I decided to trim the flowers.

The cool thing is that parsley flowers are edible, so you can also make tea with them.

Tea made from parsley flowers has a slightly milder flavor than parsley tea made solely from leaves, making it more appealing than regular parsley water.

So, if you find yourself with parsley flowers and wonder what to do with them, I encourage you to make tea using them!

Fresh Parsley tea
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Fresh Parsley Tea Recipe

How to make tea with parsley: easy and affordable herbal tea
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Prep Time:10 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes



  • 3 gr. Fresh Parsley 1 stem or 1½-2 Tbsp. Chopped Parsley
  • 1 cup Fresh boiled water 250 ml.
  • 1-3 Drops Lemon Juice Optional
  • 1 tsp. Honey or maple syrup Optional


  • Wash your parsley with water.
    Then place it in a mug or teapot.
    You can use a whole parsley stem or chop some parsley leaves: using a whole stem makes it easier to remove the plant before drinking, whereas chopped parsley leaves makes for a stronger taste.
    Chopped parsley leaves to make parsley tea
  • Steep the parsley in freshly boiled hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.
    Steeping parsley in hot water
  • If desired, add some lemon drops and/or sweeten to taste
    Fresh Parsley tea


  1. Sweeting is optional. Feel free to use your preferred sweetener.
  2. You can enjoy parsley tea hot or cooled down
  3. Don’t worry if you steep your fresh parsley for longer: it won’t become bitter
  4. You may substitute fresh parsley for dried parsley leaves. Just be aware that the color of the infusion and its taste will be different. Parsley tea made with dried parsley tastes slightly more bitter.


Calories: 1kcal
Course: Drinks
Servings: 1 Serving
Calories: 1kcal

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