Easy banana chocolate chip smoothie

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This banana chocolate chip smoothie tastes like a decadent milkshake, but it doesn’t use any ice cream.
Try this simple while incredibly yummy smoothie that will satisfy your cravings for sweets, Frapuccino and chocolate banana milkshakes.

Smoothie made with banana and chocolate chips

Banana and chocolate is a combination made in heaven. And this smoothie might be the easiest way to enjoy it.

Made with just a few ingredients, this smoothie is thick, creamy, and full of chocolate chip goodness.
And as if it couldn’t get any better, it has less than 200 calories (which is much less than a regular milkshake) and can be whipped up in just minutes!

So, what are you waiting for? Give this Banana Chocolate Chip Smoothie a try!
I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Why you’ll love this chocolate chips smoothie

  • It’s actually a NICE CREAM MILKSHAKE
    I call this recipe a smoothie because it’s made blending fruit and it doesn’t need any added sugar.
    But actually, it tastes like a thick and creamy milkshake made with banana and chocolate chips (just without having actual ice cream in it)
    This smoothie is refined sugar-free (if you use sugar-free chocolate), it can be easily made dairy-free and it’s a good source of magnesium and polyphenols.
    And it still manages to taste insanely delicious!
    I used dark chocolate to give this smoothie a boost of chocolate flavor.
    You only need a blender and a few very common ingredients.
    It comes together in just minutes!

Ingredients you’ll need

  • Frozen banana
  • Milk (dairy milk or any other plant-based alternative)
  • Chocolate chips
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • Ice cubes (optional)

Ingredient swaps

Alternative to frozen banana

The trick to get that firmness is blending frozen banana.
Freezing banana it’s really easy and it only takes around 90 minutes to 3 hours to do it.
But if you don’t have any frozen banana on hand (nor the time to freeze some), you can use a regular fresh banana and add ice cubes.
You’ll need around half cup ice cubes per serving (that’s normally around 3-4 ice cubes).
I am not a fan of adding ice cubes to smoothies because it gets watery with time, but using ice cubes for this smoothie will give you a Starbucks’ Frapuccino feeling!

Use any type of chocolate

Frozen banana and milk in recipient plus chocolate

I used dark vegan chocolate for some of the pictures because that’s what I had at the moment.
But most of the time I use sugar-free chocolate chips to make this milkshake tooth-friendlier.
You can use any type of chocolate you want: dark, milk chocolate, white chocolate… and even one of my favorites alternatives: cacao nibs!
If you don’t have chocolate chips, feel free to use chopped chocolate.

Make it vegan

To make this smoothie vegan, you just need to use plant-based milk and vegan chocolate.

Add-ons and variations for banana chocolate chip smoothies

  • Use other fruits
    If you want to flavor up this smoothie, you may substitute half of the banana amount for another frozen fruit like strawberries, mango or pineapple.
    Just make sure they are also previously frozen so the texture of the smoothie remains firm.
  • Give it a protein boost
    Add some peanut butter or almond butter.
    This is not only a great addition in terms of flavor but will also make your smoothie creamier.
    You may also add a scoop of vanilla protein powder, whey powder or powdered skim milk.
  • Turn it into a double chocolate (nice cream) milkshake
    You could also add some unsweetened cocoa powder or even chocolate milk powder if you want a more intense chocolate flavor.
  • For sweet lovers
    While I find this smoothie sweet enough without adding anything to it, if you have a major sweet tooth or are using bananas that are not very ripe (and thus less sweet), you can add an extra of maple syrup, agave nectar.
    You can also add some sugar-free natural sweetener (like stevia drops or homemade sugar-free simple syrup).
    You may also pour some chocolate syrup (like this homemade keto one) into the glass or decorate with whipped cream to make it more dessert-like.
    There are no limits to what you can do to make this smoothie your own!

Tricks to make an amazing smoothie with banana chocolate chip

    As I said before, the secret to get the thick and creamy consistency is using frozen banana, so I recommend freezing the bananas beforehand.
    Add the chocolate last so you don’t over-blend it.
    If you blend it from the beginning, the chocolate chips may get too small to enjoy those chocolate chunks.
    Always put the softest ingredients or liquid near to the blades.
    For example, when using a countertop or single-serve blender, put the milk first, followed by frozen fruit and (optional) ice.
    On the contrary, if you use a hand or stick blender, you should put the frozen ingredients at the bottom of the recipient and the milk on the top.

How to make it

Making this smoothie is as easy as it gets.
You can see the exact amounts I use in the recipe card below.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to make Banana Chocolate Chip Smoothie

  1. Blend everything but the chocolate

    Add the frozen banana, milk (optionally ice cubes) and vanilla extract to your blender and blend until smooth.Frozen banana in milk before blending smoothie

  2. Add chocolate at the end

    Then add the chocolate chips or roughly chopped chocolate and pulse a few times until the chocolate is mixed in but still chunky.Blending chocolate into smoothie

  3. Enjoy immediately

    Pour into a glass and enjoy as is or top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup for a treat-like experience.

Smoothie made with banana and chocolate chips
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Banana Chocolate Chip Smoothie Recipe

An easy, 3 ingredients smoothie that tastes delicious (it’s a nice cream milkshake)
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Prep Time:5 minutes
Freezing bananas:3 hours
Total Time:3 hours 5 minutes




  • First, add milk and the frozen banana to the blender and blend until smooth. If you are using fresh banana (not frozen), add ice cubes to the blend.
    Frozen banana in milk before blending smoothie
  • Once you have your desired consistency* (and never before!), add the chocolate and pulse a few times until just combined. You don’t want to over-blend or the chocolate will get too small.
    Blending chocolate into smoothie
  • If you want, you can decorate with some chocolate or cream on top.


  • If your smoothie isn’t thick enough, add a few ice cubes or another frozen banana to it. Adding a tablespoon of peanut butter or whey protein powder also makes it creamier.
  • If you find the smoothie too thick, add more milk until it reaches your desired consistency. 


Calories: 170kcal
Course: Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: banana, chocolate chips, milkshake, smoothie
Servings: 2 Small servings
Calories: 170kcal

I hope you enjoy this Banana Chocolate Chip Smoothie as much as I do. If you try it, please let me know how it turned out for you in the comments below!

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  1. 5 stars
    I really love this frozen banana shake!!! Quite thick, nearly as melting ice cream.
    This idea of using frozen bananas is awesome!
    This is so tasty and gorgeous without any white sugar!!! It’s really my favorite.
    I did this with frozen blueberries and it’s also really awesome.

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